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Agarbatti Or
Incense Sticks

Agarbatti Or Incense Sticks
Agarbatti Or Incense Sticks

Agarbatti Or Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are renowned for releasing fragrance with smoke, and no religious practice is complete without this. Be it meditation, a prayer or an Indian ritual, incense sticks have been a contributing reason to worship. Incense sticks are also used to prevent mosquitoes in many places. With a soothing and stimulating fragrance, these incense sticks are infused with the goodness of aromatic flowers to give your mornings a boost. They bring peace to your mind and calm your nerves, to make your surroundings absolutely divine with a strong and sensational scent. Treat yourself with aromatic peaceful moments, with incense sticks that will fill the environment with fragrance and invigorate your spirits.

Deep calming effect

These quality incense sticks can be used for deep calming and meditation purpose, to create a desired sacred space in your house or anywhere else. It naturally casts a great attraction spell on beings.

Long lasting fragrance

The powerful and long lasting fragrance will leave a beautiful scent in your rooms that will linger for hours after they burn out. It evokes the feel of the tropical and evokes a warm, melodious scent. This unique scent is reminiscent of a warm summer evening.

Environmental friendly

An exceptional combination of aromatic flowers that are blended to give an aroma to waken your senses along with making your surrounding congenial for spiritual activities and deep contemplation.

Available SKUS:

Wonder Mist Incense Sticks are available in 30gms, 50gms &100gms SKUS. The SKUS can be customized as per requirements.