Wonder Clean



Turn your floors surfaces from drab to fab! If you use conventional cleaning products on your floor to swish and swash you floors and the larger surfaces of your home. Some heavy duty floor cleaners include surprisingly toxic ingredients that people exposed to may often experience many health hazards. However, we provide a black phenyl that is completely safe and sound for daily domestic usage. It is an effective antiseptic and germicide solution to disinfect hospitals, sick rooms, etc. The key to minimizing the need for cleaning formulas is good regular maintenance. Dirt on the floor can abrade the surface making the floor even harder to clean; therefore, here is a product that will make your floors dirt-free, shiny and fragrant.

A household disinfectant that is responsible for killing maximum mold, bacteria, and germs; along with being a smart way to avoid using harsh chemicals on your surfaces in a cost-effective manner.

Cleans and Deodorizes

Removes soap build ups and foul odors from surfaces to get rid of dirt building up and infectious germs. Rinses away scummy formations, and cleans grout by letting this full strength technology take its course.

Works as an effective cleaner, with a neutral pH formula that lifts grime and dirt; while leaving your floor glossy and well maintained.


Wonder Clean Black Phenyl is a FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Approved product.

Available SKUS:

Wonder Clean Black Phenyl is available in 1000ML. The SKUS can be customized as per requirements.