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Dish Wash Bar

Dish Washer Bar

Dish Wash Bar

To get rid of the greasiest and oil stained utensils with stubborn burnt food residues has now become easy with our superlative Dish Wash Bar. High grade Polymers are been used to give proper binding to the Bar & to make residue removal more easy. It helps to keep the bar intact after consecutive use. The Dishwashing Bar is in rectangular bar form and is available in wide range. It has been developed with a stain-cutter formulation that removes the toughest stains on burnt utensils. You get a superior dish wash cleaning and your utensils get their original shine.

Cleaning Technology

Formulated to cart off all types of oiliness and food residues on your utensils with one swipe. It prevents deposition of germs and rinses off all those harmful food remains off your plates.

Highest Quality Norms

Keeping in mind the highest quality norms, this product is designed to provide a shine to your kitchenware with non- toxic ingredients for an improved functionality and quality.

Cleans without Harming Hands

With an effective cleaning properties that helps in cleaning stubborn grime, without causing any harm to your hands.

Available SKUS:

Wonder Clean Dish Wash Bar is available in 400Gms, 300Gms SKUS. The SKUS can be customized as per requirements.