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Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner
Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

Ever walk into a house that speaks volumes with its floor's purity and luminosity, well that is just what we strive to provide you with this amazing Floor Cleaner. We understand that the treatment of different floors is widely divergent, and therefore here is a product that understands the mechanism of a clean floor, regardless of material it is made of. A good, well maintained floor can dramatically reduce the need for cleaning it. It is known fact that dirt collects on the floor and gets tracked in your house number of times. The little dumps, spills, and heel marks of daily living accumulate with startling speed; therefore this floor cleaner ensures proper cleaning of any kind of floor surface. Our Floor Cleaners are available in two variants, Milky Floor Cleaner and Rose Floor Cleaner. Both our Floor Cleaners are made with high percentage of natural Pine Oil.

Removes Extra Tough Dirt and Grime

An international quality floor cleaner, that scrubs off maximum dirt off the surface, while cleaning it to protect your environment and health. Its dynamic formulation promises uncompromising quality with safety of use.

Strong Fragrance

With a strong lingering fragrance, this floor cleaner helps in the effective cleaning of marbles, tiles, and any other kind of surface within a competitive, stipulated time frame.

Removes Stubborn Stains

Formulated for removing tough stains from any kind of flooring giving it a shine an efficient cleaning power that works to give instant results with superior quality and a strong cleaning performance.

Available SKUS:

Wonder Clean Floor Cleaner is available in 1000ML. The SKUS and specifications can be customized as per requirements.