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Scrub Pad

Scrub Pad
Scrub Pad

Scrub Pad

When it comes to your pots and pans, we think the cleaner the better! Most people consider their kitchens are the most important area in their homes, as a significant amount of their time is spent there. However, a clean, fresh kitchen and a sink full of dirty dishes don't always mix well. So if you have gone through a tough time in the past, trying to get rid of those obstinate stains that just won't budge; your search has just ended! Presenting an innovative kitchen friendly product that is gentle on your luxurious utensils, but strong on dirt and grime. With its unique stain removing formula, this scrub pad uses the latest absorbent technology to easily erase off those unwanted grease stains, making your kitchenware absolutely spotless and reusable.

Strong scrubbing power

Cleans up that tough mess reaching every corner and bend, while providing you the quality you deserve. Allows you to do a strong scrubbing job, where you won't have to apply too much pressure.

Multiple usages

This product can be used to clean your dishes as well as any hard surfaces. Wherever there is scrubbing needed, you can use this scrub pad with very little effort, making it one of the most handy scrub pads available in the market.

High Quality and Long Lasting

Wonder Clean Scrub Pad is made with 100% Nylon fibers. It is long-lasting compared to the regular off the shelf products, made of Polyster.The Nylon Fibers makes the binding of the Scrub Pad strong and keeps it running for a longer time.

Available SKUS:

Wonder Clean Scrub Pad is available in Single Piece packing, or Pack of 5. The SKUS can be customized as per requirements.