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Toilet Cleaner

Toilet Cleaner
Toilet Cleaner

Toilet Cleaner

Sometimes, cleaning your toilet and keeping it absolutely spick and span; can be as cumbersome if not more, as toiling in the fields! However, we are here to make your toilet cleaning blues go away. Presenting a Toilet Cleaner that will make your home's cleanliness and protection, its top priority, because your home's hygiene starts from its bathrooms. At International Traders, we know that home is where the heart is, and hence it is extremely important to maintain a spotless home. Cleaning your toilets can be made easy now. Here are a few features to elicit some different aspects of this marvellous cleaning liquid:

Fights germs

Fights most germs on immediate contact with any surface; cleaning your toilets from corner to corner! Effectively cleans your toilets to keep it free from any harmful bacteria and germs.

Cleans and Sterilizes

Cleans and sterilizes around bends and steep surfaces, even those hard to reach angles; removing the toughest of stains for a cleaner and brighter toilet.

Fresh Clean Fragrance

Leaves a pleasant and refreshing scent, to deodorize your toilets; while diminishing any detrimental odor causing bacteria, with great lasting power!

Available SKUS:

Wonder Clean Toilet Cleaner is available in 250ML, 500ML and 700ML SKUS. The SKUS can be customized as per requirements.