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Your skin never had a better friend than Aloe Vera and Wonder Spa Aloe Vera Soap takes the natural goodness of Aloe Vera to the next level. Our Aloe Vera soap makes the skin soft and subtle while providing it with the right mix of complete nourishment, youthful radiance and retaining the right amount of moisture for your skin. Wonder Spa Aloe Vera Soap is made from Milk & Vitamin E extracts and it is a 100% vegetarian soap. It is a Grade - A Toilet Soap. All this helps keep you fresh and glowing - all day long!


Wonder Spa Toilet Soap is a FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Approved product.

Available SKUS:

Wonder Spa Toilet Soap is available in 100gms and 120gms SKUS. The SKUS can be customized as per requirements.